She listens to music where each tone has a colour of its own and each voice has a range of colours. Familiar with the means of expression and hesitant to whatever is suitable within the art of creating pictures, Kate Hellqvist doesn't let neither people nor things be effected by gravitation in her compositions.

Kate Hellqvist is the dynamo for many initiatives within the art life in Gothenburg. She is painting, to some part aquarelles, where her pictures are balancing in fine harmonies between the naturalistic and the abstract.


Kate Hellqvist exhibits a number of fine and thoroughly crafted aquarelles with motifes from nature experiences. She also presents other paintings which are more inspired by expressionism.


Kate Hellqvist, "Brummeluffa och Stigfinnaren".
Text and illustrations : Kate Hellqvist.  B4press. 28 p. Large size (height 26 cm). 3 years and older.



- Kristina Rydälv Kåreby.
This book is about the meeting between the bear Brummeluffa and Stigfinnaren (The Pathfinder), who is lost in the forest. The plot is simple but leaves room for imagination and discussions between reader and listener; Why is the pathfinder on hisown in the forest Where is Brummeluffa´s family? The portraits of the character and the animal are rather sketchy, since the element of suspense is the meeting between man and beast.

The pictures are warm and vivid and support the text well. The language is modern, close to colloquial, e g on p 22: " I see real far!" Some odd expressions occur, e g on p 12" He doesn´t recognise the trees and stones or the shrubs." Some less common words appear, such as on p 18 "The front paw" (less common in Swedish, translator´s comment) but not too many to be presented to children this age. A lovely book for reading to 3-5-year-olds.


- Hervor Svenonius.
Kate Hellqvist is an artist and has made a number of small, slightly dreamlike pictures in water colour and a use of brush and colour close to that of the pointillists´. The setting is the forest and time is early autumn when blueberries and mushrooms ripen.


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