About Giclée Fine Art

This method, developed in the United States and France, is a combination of traditional ink jet printing and the latest in digital technology, to produce limited edition originals. However, the giclée method is far more advanced than ink jet and demands a much deeper understanding of color management, computer technology, and especially communication skills when dealing with the artist.

Giclée Fine Art enable artists and photographers to publish artwork in smaller editions, on different surfaces, in a resolution high enough to make detection of the minuscule pigmented droplets impossible with the naked eye. The giclée method meet all the qualification for Fine Art Printing, which is an internationally accepted quality standard. The end result resembles some aspects of stone lithography.

Each giclée is printed one by one and will need as much as an hour for larger pieces - 80 x 110 cm (31.5 x 43.25 in). The name giclée (she-CLAY) is French for "to squirt." Microscopic droplets, more than four million per second, are sprayed onto paper, or other materials. Each edition is preceded by a lengthy and complicated pre press process to reach a perfect result, ready to be signed by the artist or photographer.

Francis Giclée Fine Art guarantees, in cooperation with the artist, that the character and artistic vision of the artwork not be compromised. Our policy is that all detail, shades, and nuances reflect that of the original to the highest possible degree. Most art museums and galleries worldwide now uses Giclée Fine Art to produce replicas. The Louvre in Paris, British Museum in London, Guggenheim, and Metropolitan in New York, all utilize the method.

Giclée Fine Art is already the de facto standard in the new millennium, for highest quality original replication. However, to qualify to call your prints Giclée Fine Art, certain standards must be met. For instance, museum archival material must be used as support, such as pH neutral watercolor paper or canvas.

Advantages to Giclée Fine Art:
* Art and photo prints on demand. That is, to produce one or more pieces of a signed and numbered limited series.
* All sizes and formats up to 110 X 230 cm (43.25 x 90.5 in).
* Artists' quality acid free watercolor paper of many different makes, and canvas.
* Permanent prints. Fade resistant for over one hundred years, in normal lighting conditions.
* Six pigmented inks. Gives a far broader spectrum of reproducible shades.
* The possibility for unlimited adjustments in chroma and value.
* A perfect tool to give art and photography new wings.


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