The artist Kate Hellqvist


This website is being rebuilt. Therefore, you currently can't purchase art from the site. If you wish to buy any of my paintings, please email me instead at kate.hellqvist [at]

An incurable desire to paint has followed me since childhood. A clear inner strength to express myself with colour has always existed within me as something quite natural. I still enjoy every day of the exchange and conversations that the paper/canvas, colour and I have during the workprocess. Often I am surprised at where it leads to. It´s lika following your partner in a dance. The ultimate goal to produce an image that wants to be realized is sometimes endlessly far away and sometimes just within a few brush strokes. Painting for me is vital, and as long as I breathe I´ll keep on doing it.

Study trips in Sweden as well as to Denmark, Norway, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and USA has enriched my skills i painting. I have always been fascinated by the game between light and darkness and the tensions there between. My paintings are today, to my great delight, represented in many homes, companies and even institutions.

In this tough, hard and ravaged world we live in at the 21th century I want to use my paintings, which are natur lyric with elements of surrealism and symbolism, to interpret the light and good forces which can be found and give us joy and plesure, playfulness, vitality and harmony. But I also want to share my worries and feelings for our children who lives trustfully with thoughtless and somtimes evel grown ups. How can we let it go on and on and on.....

I am a member of:

Artists Collective Workshops in Gothenburg.
Where I was a member of the board during the years 1982-1993.

Swedish Artist Union. Where I have been member of the board until month of May 2002.

Scandinavien Aquarelle Society.

Swedish Artists

VSA - Very Special Arts. Where I was the vice chairman of the board of Swedish Very Special Arts until April, 2005.

BUS - Visual Arts cause in Sweden,


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